Hornets made a nest in my tree

My husband and I have several different fruit trees in our yard.

We have an orange tree, two lemon trees, a pear tree, and a giant and old grapefruit tree.

My husband and I rarely eat grapefruits off the tree. They’re not our favorite fruit. When we had an immense harvest this year, I did not want to see all of the fruit go to waste. I decided to post online to see if anyone wanted the grapefruits for free. I was surprised by the number of people that responded to the online post, and a lot of my neighbors wanted to come to the property to take free grapefruits off the tree. If you have to buy a grapefruit in the grocery store, it’s at least two or three dollars for a sizable one that is fresh and juicy. I decided to go out to the grapefruit tree to bag up some of the best looking fruit. I was near the back of the tree where there was an immense collection of grapefruits and that’s when I saw a sizable hornet nest. The hornet nest was on the fruit tree. The hornets had made a nest in one of the branches and the size of the hive was noticeably large. I did not want to remove the hornet nest on my own and I knew it would require help. I contacted a bee removal repair that handles the removal, extermination, and relocation of bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. The bee removal repair came out to the house. They helped us remove the hornet’s nest and took a bag of free grapefruits.



Yellow Jacket Extermination

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