Heater update

Before my dad left here to go back home, he is going to have to get the heating and air conditioning system upgraded at my grandma’s house. He is trying to help her sell her house but it’s not going legitimately well so far. He lives all the way across the country, and he doesn’t get back to the apartment to see her as often as he would like to. It’s just one of those things that happens as he get older and moved away. When my grandmother decided to sell her house, she didn’t truly know how to get started. My dad told her that he would come out and help her if she wanted him to. He told her that he would and so he went out there to see her a couple of months ago and he has been here ever since. His friend and my dad have done a lot of work together on the house and now my grandmother is just about ready to put the house on the market. She thinks that she might want to move out and live closer to my dad once she gets the hosue sold but she hasn’t totally decided yet. Dad found out that her realtor decided that the house needs to have a modern heating and cooling system put in it before the house can be truly listed. Dad doesn’t know exactly what his grandmother is going to get but he knows that she is going to have to upgrade the outdated heater. He felt that if she was going to upgrade the outdated boiler then she might as well just go ahead and upgrade the central air conditioning too.


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