When the central air conditioning system froze last year I fixed it

Whenever the residential air conditioning system froze up last year, I was able to repair it myself, then usually that kind of thing does not work out for me at all.

I don’t do truly well when I am trying to repair things around the household myself, and everybody knows it.

Usually, people just simply laugh at me when I say that I am going to try to repair the plumbing or the broken fridge or something like that. All of my friends and family know that I am not truly mechanically minded so I am not truly good at fixing things around the house. However, last year when the a/c froze up, I was able to get it fixed all by myself. I did not have to call the locally owned HVAC company to unfreeze it for me, and I was so proud of myself! It’s all because of the fact that I went online and watched a video about it on an HVAC blog that I found. The real HVAC blog had all kinds of good information on it, but the part about fixing my cooling system was the best of all. I ended up turning off the entire HVAC device for a while. Then after I gave it time to thaw out, I noticed that there was a puddle of water all around the outside of the a/c unit. I mopped all of that up and then went to the thermostat and turned it to the fan only option. I let that run for a while, and more and more water came out of the A/C unit!

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