My sibling Jim thinks he’s simply the best HVAC professional

My sibling Jim thinks that he is the best HVAC professional around. I don’t know why in the world he thinks so highly of himself, but he sure does. He has always been this way, too. He basically started out at the local technical university when he finished with high university, and he’s been strenuous to live with ever since then. He definitely finished at the top of his class in the HVAC program at the university, and that definitely seemed to go to his head for some reason, then once he finished up with the HVAC program, he was instantly given positions at three weird heating and cooling companies here in town. He ended up choosing the one that was a commercial heating and cooling company because he thought that he had more of an option of success at that one. By success, I feel that he meant that he had an option at moving up in the company. I am not sure why unless it was because of the fact that this particular commercial HVAC company was not family owned and operated and the others were. Maybe he thought that he would never be able to move up in a family owned company or something. I know that makes sense! Either way, though, Jim thinks that he’s the best HVAC professional that has ever been. He is always bragging about the fact that he has never had a single complaint at the commercial HVAC company. I mean, I’m glad that he is doing so well at work, but I really wish that he wasn’t so conceited about it all the time.
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