I won a trivia game because of HVAC know-how I have

The other night when I was at a trivia game, I ended up winning the whole thing from my team because of the fact that I know a lot about HVAC systems.

Of course, nobody else in the whole entire locale knew anything about heating and cooling systems at all.

I have noticed that about myself a lot in the past. I am usually the only one who has a lot of know-how about heating and cooling systems for some reason. I know that not truly many people grew up in a family that owned three HVAC stores. In other words, from the time that I was a truly young child; I was also surrounded by people who knew everything that there was to know about heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. I definitely knew how to change an air filter around the same time that I was learning how to walk. I would go out with my dad and my uncles and my Grandpa on all of their heating and cooling calls, and I learned a lot before I was even in university. By the time I was finished with high university, I knew that I would definitely go to university to become an HVAC professional. I mean, I already understood everything that there was to know about it, but I still had to receive my HVAC certification to be completely legal and everything. Anyway, whenever they actually announced the trivia topics the other night, most people on my team started to clap. They knew right then that my associate and I were going to win the round because I am something of an HVAC expert.

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