Woke up warm due to the boiler

I suppose I’m going to call in tomorrow plus get the HVAC company out asap

Why am I perspiring so badly? Why is it so warm in this house? This is disgusting plus it’s 2 am in the afternoon! The heating system must have been turned up accidentally plus I suppose I could’ve turned the dial up way more than I should have… I don’t absolutely feel like getting out of bed though. Maybe I should’ve invested in the smart temperature control like my buddy Rich did. I know as soon as I get up the cats are going to start meowing because they know it’s feeding time plus I don’t feed them for another few hours. I try to keep their lunch schedule at 6 am every afternoon; Then if I do get out of bed, I’ll have a hard time falling back to sleep. To be honest, I might have a hard time falling back to sleep if I keep feeling this sweat. I suppose I should get up, as soon as my feet touched the ground, I heard the little paws of my two cats run to the door plus start to meow. I opened the door plus there they were. I told them not now plus I headed to the dial temperature control. I had it set to 69 degrees! Something was wrong because this property says it’s at 85 degrees. I suppose I’m going to call in tomorrow plus get the HVAC company out asap. I can’t sleep under these conditions. I’m just hoping that they can get someone out during the afternoon or I will call off the next afternoon as well. I have a lot of sick time so I’m not worried, plus, I could use afternoons off as well.
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