Time for the cooling and heating waters of the sea

I just drank a pretty strong cup of root beer, however I am still feeling too exhausted.

I definitely know one thing that will wake me up though; a ten minute swim in the ice cold sea after I eat my morning supper of kefir and another plum.

I buy the kefir in the store, which has been pasteurized and has killed a lot of the probiotics, however I still like the taste and it has an enjoyable amount of protein in it to fuel me for the morning. I used to make my own kefir, however I got a bit lazy doing so, however local suppliers near me sell the kefir grains, so if I want to make it again I can choose to do so. I just like buying it because it is a lot easier than messing with the grains every afternoon. The cooling unit in my flat is in need of cleaning and I am going to contact the local heating and air conditioning tech and see if they can come out and help me with it. I haven’t really had it cleaned in a couple of years and I know it is high time to get it done before the thing breaks down on me. I will see if the heating and air conditioning business has some time next Tuesday to get it done and also see if they can help me hook up my boiling water furnace that arrives this weekend. My biggest enjoyable friend and I have been taking cold showers for weeks now and both of us are ready for a boiling shower. I can’t wait for enjoyable water heating equipment again!

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