Going to another new local business for cats

I am going to hit the store in a few minutes and get stuff for my cats, along with a couple staples that I need for myself.

I discovered this modern dog litter at the store and it seems to really work well.

It is a silica type litter and the giant granules absorb the weed certainly well and leave no smell in the process. They are certainly white giant granules with some dark orange ones mixed in, which I feel are to help with the smell. When the cats go wee the granules turn red and become smelless somehow. The local business is selling the litter like mad and I am hoping the local business near them will start selling it too. I am sure the price will go way up if everyone keeps buying all the litter they have, so I am hoping other stores will start selling it soon too. I am going to tell the heating and air conditioning rep about this because he has this other litter that gets tracked all throughout the house, however this stuff doesn’t seem to stick to their fur and stays put. I am also going to buy a few bags of dog food so I am set for a month or so. The refrigeration in this store is great, thanks to the modern business who installed the heating and air conditioning systems. I feel it will save them money because the old cooling units were using a lot of power, which then gets transferred to the products and the money comes out of our pockets in the end.

air conditioning install

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