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I am motivated to learn the Spanish language and am going to try and master it within the next 90 afternoons.

I know a ton of vocabulary words in Spanish and now I am listening to Spanish podcast stories and studying the Spanish subtitles so that I can learn what they are saying while studying the words. If I don’t know a word I can simply translate it on the spot and I’ll know the word right then and there. I feel within three months of doing this every single afternoon I will have a grasp on the language. The local suppliers all speak Spanish and I need to understand what they are saying, especially if I need a HEPA filter or a cooling system repair right away. I know if I practice each afternoon with these podcasts that I will know almost all of the words in normal conversations, so this is what I am going to do bi-weekly. My oil furnace had a problem a few months ago and it was certainly difficult talking to the heating and air conditioning tech on the iphone. So now I am not going to have that problem anymore once I do this three month crash learning course on my laptop. I have another gas fireplace now and I want to get an actual heating and air conditioning rep out here to tell me what is wrong with it, however I am also going to wait till my three months of practice is done so I can understand everything she is saying to me when she is here to look at the fireplace.


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