Better heating with geo heat pump

I am no longer shy about publicizing the fact that we rely on a geothermal heat pump for our heating and cooling comfort.

I guess I was a bit hesitant to broadcast that fact because I wasn’t so sure just how well it would do in the Winter. Prior to replacing our old HVAC equipment with the geo heat pump, we used a gas furnace for heating. The gas furnace heating was really nice and I never felt chilly even on the coldest of nights. I also made sure that the house was sealed up tight and I was getting the maximum efficiency from the gas furnace. But everyone I knew that had a heat pump as their heating method, just didn’t like it. We’re right on the cusp between having a heat pump for heating or having gas furnace do the job. Our Winter can provide some fiercely cold temperatures but it’s not as bad as a bit further north. So I was skeptical to say the least when it came to heating our home with the geothermal heat pump. Yet, we were deadset on improving the efficiency and sustainability of our central air conditioning. We wanted to pay far less when it came to the heating and cooling bills that have only gone up and up and up. And the geothermal checked all those boxes along with having the most longevity of any other HVAC equipment. So we went for it and I was a bit nervous when Winter rolled around. But let me tell you, the radiant floor heating from the geo heat pump has been nothing short of amazing in comfort. And while I haven’t yet added all the final heating cost numbers, I think we’re saving close to 40 percent over that old gas furnace.




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