Spring allergies no match for whole-house air purifier

I saw the healthcare worker the other afternoon. It was a planned visit, and normally each Spring, I hit up the healthcare worker for a check up and to get more dust sensitivity meds. Well this visit, thanks to whole home air purification, I most likely won’t be needing those prescription dust sensitivity meds. Instead, I went to the root of the concern inside my indoor air to deliver me some dust sensitivity relief. Actually, it was my wifey who was ready to finally solve the indoor air aroma concern that led to this dust sensitivity relief scenario. I’d like to take credit for having the whole-house air purifier remove allergens from inside our home, but really, it all started with indoor air aroma, my buddy and I tried to cover up pet, pet and a cooking aromas with dearomaizers. And my associate and I did this for a long time even though it was only a temporary fix. But that’s all my associate and I knew at the time. It took my wifey getting an indoor air quality education from the HVAC contractor before my associate and I absolutely got a solution. Those indoor air aromas are there and hang around because the bacteria that causes the aromas hangs around. With the whole home whole-house air purifier, the air is cleaned actively using ultraviolet light. So along with the bacteria causing the aromas, we’ve eliminated the allergens as well. So instead of suffering this Spring, I’ll be enjoying the fact that the inside of my home with be pollen free. When the healthcare worker offered me the prescription for the dust sensitivity meds, I said thank you although I didn’t have it filled. I think the over the counter stuff will work for me this year thanks to the whole home whole-house air purifier.


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