I constantly get my chimney cleaned twice a year

I’ve been trying to get better with apartment repair over the last couple of years… My parents let me live in the home in my early plus mid-20s, however it was at the caveat of having to learn to do a lot of chores around the house; I wasn’t allowed to come plus go as I satisfied without pulling my way around the house.

It was a process of learning how to do a lot of apartment repair from my dad. When you already taught me how to paint the fence in the exterior of the house. It was such a grueling process plus I remember hating every single afternoon I had to spend outside in the sun with the paint roller in my hand, however after that he taught me about cutting wood for the winter, and granted, I learned a little bit about this when I was younger, however this time my dad put me in charge of making sure the family had enough water here, he was getting older plus it was harder for him to do the work. My buddy and I also had to keep an eye on the chimney in the wood stove to make sure they were laboring in optimal condition, then for instance, the chimney needed to be cleaned more than once a year because of how often my friend and I used the wood stove, and nowadays I have my own home with my own chimney in my own wood stove so I have to do all of this without any reminders from anyone else. I constantly call the chimney company to get it repair twice a year, but they come out plus wipe it plus make sure everything is laboring respectfully so I don’t have a fire in my home as a result. It’s important that you take care of your wood heating system like you would an electric or gas heater.


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