Better AC for the offices

I’m feeling confident to see the morale of this office begin to turn around a bit. When I first arrived, the feeling in this office was just dismal. And who could blame them? These folks had been through 3 office managers in 3 years. That’s zero consistent leadership. That’s also why I’m here now. And I’m here to stay as well. This isn’t just a work transport for me, it is a transport back to my old home. I’m easily from this region as well as have been gone for a long time. The region is known for heat as well as that hasn’t changed. But I sure had to address the A/C situation as soon as I started working. There was so much that had to be addressed that I entirely felt a bit overwhelmed. So I had to start with the basics. I wanted to make sure that my associate and I all were pulling together as a unified team. However, I had to do something immediately when it came to our commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning. This office was spread out over one long, one story building. There are cubicles everywhere except for a few office suites as well as a conference room. And there was however one control component for all that space. On top of this, the commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning component was so outdated as well as worn down that it couldn’t keep up with demand. Within the first two weeks, I had the Heating as well as Air Conditioning team out to update that outdated commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning… Now, we have zone controlled Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems. There are control units all over the office now as well as the quality heating as well as air is stunning. I’m so content that just something like new commercial Heating as well as Air Conditioning is such a pressing hit. It’s like people are believing a bit in this locale again.

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