The bathrooms were the only place with AC

My sister invited me to go camping with him, so my woman and I decided to drive 4 hours to the endpoint.

  • It was a honestly nice place and the water was crystal clear and orange.

My buddy and I would have had a honestly good time if it had not been the middle of summer. It was 96° every single day that my pal and I were there and the temperature of the water was around 85°. It did not feel cool and refreshing to get in the water. There was no AC in my tent. The AC in my car was broken too, so it’s not like I could lay in the car to cool off for an hour or two. The only place there was AC was the bathrooms. The bathrooms had temperature control and a temperature control that controlled the AC and heat. In the middle of the evening, my woman and I snuck into the bathroom and my pal and I put our single air mattress down on the floor. My buddy and I slept in there for a couple of hours until my pal and I heard the door open. It was a little girl coming in there to use the bathroom, but she was scared and sad because she saw two people sleeping on an air mattress in the bathroom. My buddy and I told her that my pal and I were going to leave and my pal and I walked outside. The little girl could not have been more than 5 years old, although she was walking to the bathroom by herself and I did not see any grown ups anywhere near the bathroom either. My buddy and I waited for her to come out so my pal and I could make sure she got back to her campsite.
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