The church gym is always having trouble with the heating

The church gym is always having trouble with the heating system that we had installed in it for some reason. Whenever we decided to put a new heating and cooling system in the gym, we shopped around a lot to try to make the best decision. We must have talked to a dozen different commercial HVAC companies about the heating and cooling system that we needed for the gym. They told us that since it was such a big area to heat and cool, it was considered light commercial HVAC. That made sense to me, even though a church isn’t necessarily commercial. Anyway, the heating system hasn’t been all that great for us. From the day that they came to install it, it seems like there has just been one issue after another with the heating system for some reason. I am starting to wonder if we chose a dud when we picked the gym’s heating system. The HVAC company has been great, though. They always come out to fix it for us whenever we are having issues with it. Since it’s still under warranty, we haven’t had to pay for any of the repairs or part replacements yet. That’s nice, but I would prefer it if we weren’t having any issues with it at all! I am hoping that they are going to get everything figured out before the warranty runs out. If that doesn’t happen, we are going to have to spend a lot of the church’s money on repairs and I would hate for that to happen!

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