Making preparations for the summer cooling season

March is so close, and I’m so excited.

Here, it indicates that the basketball is getting intense and the air conditioning may start to turn on.

Whatever it is about college basketball that makes me so addicted, I have no idea. I became enamored with it as soon as I was a young child and watched it with my dad in the central air conditioning of my home. You inevitably have to pledge allegiance to a college when you’re a southern child. As a young person, I did that. With an earpiece and a transistor radio, I can still picture myself inside my junior high school’s radiant heating system. It seems unreal that so much time has passed for those radios to essentially disappear. The years fly by, and so much has changed. Our home’s residential HVAC system was recently replaced, which is pretty amazing to us. This was following nearly 30 years of nearly flawless heating and cooling. When we initially purchased this home, that heat pump was the best we could afford. And thanks to regular, seasonal HVAC upkeep, there were no issues with the vehicle until almost the very end. My new residential HVAC is helping me welcome the cooling season this year. This includes all of the HVAC maintenance that we skipped over for the previous 15 or so years. The smart thermostat managing the air conditioning is going to be so nice. So, when I’m watching basketball in March, I won’t even have to get up off the couch. Simply relaxing on my couch while the new HVAC technology manages the air conditioning is an option for me. So I don’t miss a basket, I’m all for that.

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