Extra HVAC service calls are a bad sign

At least I’m in better shape than I was last year in terms of the heating and cooling systems. The HVAC professional came out about a year ago to perform the yearly air conditioning tune-up. I have HVAC specialists complete this task for me each spring. Additionally, spring arrives early where I live, so heat pump maintenance must be kept up with. However, the HVAC technician informed me the heat pump was nearing the end of its useful life last year. I believed him when he said he would, but I wasn’t prepared to abandon a heat pump that was still providing good heating and air quality. It didn’t matter if I had enough cash set aside to purchase a new residential HVAC system. I simply wanted to maximize the 25-year-old heating and cooling systems that have been in this home. That wasn’t an issue because I had already begun saving for a new HVAC system. I just like to make the most of my tools. When I got home, the HVAC system was running but there was no cooling coming from the air ducts, so it wasn’t even really hot yet. I called the HVAC company because I knew better than to attempt to do anything on my own. The HVAC technician was able to fix the refrigerant leak that was causing the issue. When July finally arrived, we once more yearned for some form of cooling solace but found none. This particular HVAC repair may not be necessary again, the technician informed me. Thus, we implemented our plan and scheduled the installation of the new HVAC technology we had chosen with the HVAC contractor.

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