Attention is given to rental HVAC

We weren’t going to receive much satisfaction from the rental company, I kind of got the impression.

My wife and I sold our family home and are now renting a small condo.

Putting the house on the market and moving out was such a process. Both the flooring throughout the house and the entire residential HVAC system needed to be upgraded. Therefore, there were numerous tasks that needed to be completed even just to get the house ready for sale. To our surprise, however, it took the house only two weeks off the market before we received the full asking price. However, the process of sorting through a lifetime’s worth of belongings, packing what we wanted to keep, and moving came next. At least we got to use the brand-new HVAC system while we were trying to leave the house. We ultimately decided to rent because we didn’t want to rush into buying a new home. Before retiring, both of us still have a number of years left in the office’s commercial HVAC. Furthermore, we aren’t really sure if we’re moving south or staying put. For just the two of us, we have even discussed building a much smaller house. Additionally, there has been a discussion about installing a geothermal heat pump. The rental company won’t, so I’m currently forced to handle the heating and cooling on my own. I’ve finished working with the handyman and have requested a visit from the HVAC company to service the heating and cooling system in this rental. I need strong air conditioning now that summer is coming.

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