Taking care of my heat pump and other homecare activities

One of the things I enjoy doing every three months is complete house care for things we don’t do every week or month while cleaning.

One of them is caring for our heat pump installation.

First, I make sure that I’ve scheduled heater maintenance with the local heating company, which sends their heating technician to tune up my heat pump twice a year. I like to keep up with that schedule because it will ensure that I don’t need to buy new heating for some years. The first time I got the unit installed, the HVAC professional taught me more about heating, mainly about care, because I had no idea. I remember the heating business expert taking me through handling the smart thermostat and operating all its settings for adequate home heating. I also learned how to change the air filters, which I do more regularly, especially since I have allergies, and a clean filter means I get the AC to help with indoor comfort at all times. For the outdoor part of the system, I pick up leaves that usually get blown toward it from the trees in my neighbor’s compound, which is incredibly intense during fall when there’s extra shedding. During winter, my duties increased to remove any snow that fell near the unit because I was told if I let it build up, my heating unit would get damaged from overworking. Luckily, when I’m unable to do all the tasks, the heating dealer offers care services which are so convenient, especially when I’ve traveled away from home. I could hire anybody, but I trust those who send have experience in the heating industry, so they will likely make no mistakes.


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