Sorting the dilemma between picking an air-source and ground-source heat pump

As a contractor, I often have to help my clients make decisions on some features in their homes.

Everyone wants help with indoor comfort without spending an extravagant amount of money.

When homeowners are still trying to decide on the most convenient equipment, selecting new heating is often a pain point. To make the decision process easier and shorter, I involve an HVAC professional from the local heating company where we buy equipment because they are better informed on developments in the heating industry and are best placed to teach homeowners more about heating. My first clients last year knew that they wanted a heat pump because they’d heard about how energy efficient it is, but they were not sure whether a ground source or an air source heat pump installation would be the better choice. I know minimal information about whole home heating, especially when specific equipment is involved, so I called the heating technician to take us through both systems beyond the cost of the house we were building. The heating dealer explained the difference between the two systems and recommended installing the ground source one because we had the space for it. While it was more expensive, we would not struggle with it because ground temperatures are more constant year-round than the air source. That’s how we sorted our dilemma, by getting the heating business experts involved in the decision-making process. The unit was installed, and a smart thermostat was also included to help regulate temperature and other functions, including sending messages to the HVAC experts when heater maintenance is due. My clients are happy and have had no complaints about heating or anything in the house, so I can claim to be an expert in my trade but one who welcomes the input of other professionals.

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