She imagines their electric bills to be quite high

My friend prefers visiting her aunt and uncle as often as she can.

They live about 20 hours away.

My friend, Cate, moved further out to the edge of town after university, but her aunt and uncle still live in the same lake house she’s known them to live in, in a small town near the downtown area. My friend tends to visit them regularly, and they enjoy talking about life and how things are going and reminiscing while listening to the many stories. One thing Cate has noticed lately, however, is that her aunt and uncle prefer warmer temperatures more and more. She didn’t notice all that much when she was a kid, however as an adult, it seemed like her aunt and uncle preferred quite a high temperature on the temperature control. These days it’s nearly unbearable, because it’s the winter, and as a result, they cranks up the temperature control just about as high as it can go. Cate worries about them, because they have a furnace and Cate imagines their electric bills to be quite high. My friend insisted that they install carbon monoxide detectors, at least, in the event of a gas leak. She’s glad that they seem to have the funds to maintain their gas furnace, and it’s relatively new, because it was upgraded not too long ago. Cate is glad about that. It’s just that she can tell that their frail, aged body just can’t seem to retain as much heat anymore. That’s why she is getting them all sorts of colorful and comfortable blankets as gifts, which they always use.



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