I was servicing an AC unit in the snow.

The weather forecast was for six inches of snow that day, and I had to go to a house and service their air conditioning.

I didn’t know what these people were thinking when they scheduled an air conditioning repair in the middle of March.

It is still cold and snowy in March, and I was the unlucky HVAC technician who got the job. I walked through the snow and slush to get to the air conditioning unit when I got to the house. My fingers were frozen, and every time I touched the metal, it hurt. I knew I was grumbling, but I didn’t think anyone could hear me. By the time the air conditioning servicing was done, I was so cold that I couldn’t stop shivering. There was snow all over me, and I was getting wetter by the minute. I was getting ready to go in the house, but the owner told me not to traipse the snow into her clean kitchen. I asked how I was supposed to talk to her about the bill if I couldn’t come inside. She put a carpet in front of the door, and told me not to go any further. The snow was melting because the furnace air vent was right next to me, and the cold water was running down my neck. It was the first time I was happy that day. As soon as I got paid, I could go back to the HVAC company, get a hot shower, and put on some dry clothes. I would finally be warm again.


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