Focusing on HVAC savings this heat season

I rarely refer to the span of time from June through August as Summer. When I was a kid, that was what we considered to be Summer. We got out of school in mid to late May and didn’t go back until the end of August. That was Summer and it came with lots of playing outside. Where I live now, Summer is quite often spent inside the air conditioning of home or office. And I refer to the span of time from June all the way through the month of September as heat season. It’s far more accurate as we deal with four months of searing heat and high humidity during those four months. Of course to me, it’s totally worth it since I get to enjoy 8 months of near perfect weather after heat season. Yet, this is the time of year to begin my preparations in order to focus in on saving as much as I can on air conditioning. I found out really quickly just how out of control the utility bill can get if the cooling is left unchecked. That first Summer, I set the air conditioning quite low and left it. While it seemed to help me get through the shock of that first heat season, it cost a ton of money. So Spring is the time when I get my house all sealed up tight, check the solar shades and call the HVAC company. The HVAC professionals come out to do the HVAC maintenance that ensures that the heat pump is up to the task. But it also ensures that the heat pump will run at its most efficient as well. Doing my heat season prep and some good thermostat discipline sure helps me when it comes to saving on air conditioning costs.

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