Energy-efficient cooling with a new heat pump installation

When we were making plans for our forever home, we had the luck of having a friend who is an HVAC professional.

Jon would not let us forget that if we need efficient help with indoor comfort, our best chance would be a heat pump. We kept telling him to calm down. After all, we would be bugging him with questions because we wanted to know more about heating before making a final decision. Of course, we paid him because he’s a busy heating technician with limited time to offer free lessons on whole home heating while running a heating company. Jon booked us into his busy heating business calendar after we agreed to meet with him and the building contractor because they would need to inform us of what to expect with the heat pump installation if we settled for it after the meeting. We hesitated to install new heating technology in our home since we were used to the traditional system and were a bit too comfortable with it. Still, Jon convinced us that it was among the best heating systems in the industry. Our contractor also mentioned that he’d also worked with several homeowners shifting to hybrid units because they were more energy efficient. We wanted something that would make home management cheaper and more manageable, so we agreed with them. We had a smart thermostat in our old home, and I enjoyed the convenience of it and wanted it added to the unit in our new home. I loved the alerts about heater maintenance because they helped me keep things up-to-date with routine servicing. We did the rest of the purchasing and installation process. We trusted our heating dealer friend to handle it because he’s skilled.
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