The 12-month internship experience at the heating company

When I graduated college, my professors advised that I join an internship program at any heating business to polish up my practical skills and learn more about heating.

My school looked for a good and successful heating company offering internships to novice heating technicians.

I was excited about the internship opportunity. On the first day, the experienced HVAC professionals asked us questions to show whether we understood how to offer help with indoor comfort. Within the first week, I mastered every step involved in the heat pump installation. I could explain the process and even do it with the help of my other colleagues. My job description as a heating dealer at one of the company’s town stores included dealing in new heating equipment like the smart thermostat and other devices such as heat pumps. I was later promoted to a specialist to advise customers on the benefits of whole home heating and how to maintain their appliances. I would advise customers on the importance and frequency of heater maintenance. It was a memorable and good experience working with experienced specialists and serving various customers. By the end of the 12 months, I had become a veteran in the heating industry. I did so well in the internship that I was absorbed into the company afterward. I started out leading a team of novice professionals. The 12-month program did come in handy, and the experienced colleagues were a primary key to my success in my career. It has been three years since I officially started working at the company as a permanent employee, and I now head different teams. The responsibility shows that I am capable. My future is bright.


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