Making way too many plans

You ever tell multiple friend groups that you are planning on hanging out with them and then you become overwhelmed because everyone is free? That’s me on this beautiful Friday leaving work and I don’t know what to do. Mark wants to hit up the Tavern, Jessica wants to see a movie and Mitch wants to do a board game night. I really don’t want to spend money but I haven’t gone out in a long time. I see Mark every week though and we work together. Jessica, who I have been friends with for 20 years now just got out of her relationship and doesn’t want to do anything crazy but see a movie. She kind of disappeared when she got her man but when I needed her she was nowhere to be found. Mitch I keep saying I’ll come over but never do. He continually asks me weekly to come over. I’m paranoid it will be just dudes sitting around talking about their favorite sci fi flick. I’m not into sci fi so I think I’ll be out of place there. I forgot there is still option 4, stay home. I’m very tempted to do that and work on my new painting. I love to paint because it’s relaxing to me. I have to go home first anyways and decide. On my way home I see that our store is closed with a HVAC van in front. I see the cooling specialist resting on his hood on his cellphone. I always felt their food wasn’t at the right temperature plus I think the owner loved leaving the heater on. Oh well I have a decision to make. I think plan 4 is where I’m at.


Heating and cooling service

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