It’s hard to keep up with the my girlfriend and her exercise schedule

My girlfriend has a very strenuous and vigorous exercise schedule.

Every day after work, she goes to the gym to work out for 2 hours. I met my girlfriend at the gym. We were both on the treadmill. I was jogging and on my fifth mile, but Lisa was running fast and on her 12th mile. I was completely enamored by her beauty and strong physique. At the time, I didn’t realize that she was a bit of a fanatic. I try not to judge her, but I also find it very hard to keep up with her. I do my best to go to the gym everyday with her, but I get a lot of physical exercise at work. I spend a lot of my day bending, walking, and exercising. As an HVAC commercial and residential service technician, I am consistently busy and booked up with calls. I worked until 8:00 p.m. almost every day this week and my girlfriend said I was being lazy because I didn’t work out first thing in the morning on saturday. I like having someone that will motivate me, but I definitely don’t want someone to make me feel bad when I am working extraordinarily hard. For now I have decided not to say anything at all to my girlfriend about the situation. We’re both stressed out with the holidays right around the corner and there’s no reason to discuss this particular problem in our relationship when things are otherwise going well. After the holidays we can work on goals that meet both our needs and demands.

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