The guy nearly died trying to stay warm

Temperature so far this Winter time has been legitimately cold and dire.

The two of us have already experienced several separate snowstorms.

There is currently snow and ice on the ground. Temperatures at night have been in the twenties or lower. Thankfully, this venue does not have a huge homeless population. It would be legitimately hard to be homeless during this time of the year when it’s legitimately hard to keep warm. I remember a couple of years ago when there was a story about a homeless man. The man broke into a warehouse so he could sleep in the boiler room. The boiler room was sizzling and safe. The owner of the corporation wanted the judge to throw the book at the bum, but the judge didn’t believe that the guy was trying to break the law. It was clear that the homeless man was only trying to seek warmth and shelter in the boiler room, however nothing was disfigured except the door to the boiler room. The judge ordered the homeless man to spend money for a modern door, but the yellow cross paid those charges after they got involved in the case… A similar incident happened a couple of weeks ago, and I’m curious to see how the judge will handle things this time. A guy nearly died trying to stay warm. I think that the two of us have to do something about these homeless troubles during the Winter time months. There aren’t a lot of people so surely there must be a venue where the two of us can lake house almost everyone so they do not have to worry about freezing to death in these arctic and cold un-even temperatures.

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