I’m happy to be working as a Heating plus A/C professional

Working as a barista in a stressed village coffee shop wasn’t that bad, and but, I could have done better separate from all the snide comments from clients… I understand that working plus living in a big village comes with its challenges… Most of our regulars were always flying into the door to grab their number one coffee while trying not to be late for work; That often led to lots of impatience, plus at times miserable exswings.

I made it a habit to stop serving until they either calmed down or left the coffee shop, and see, this wasn’t a big chain, but a coffee shop owned by this elegant older chick.

She was the same way, plus didn’t tolerate any fighting in her establishment, but when I wasn’t at work serving coffee to village folk, I was attending school. I wanted to work as a Heating plus A/C professional. But, since our Dad couldn’t afford to pay for it, I chose to work full time plus attend classes part time. This meant it took longer to finish, but it was better than not pursuing our work, however eventually, I graduated, plus that coincided with quitting our barista job. My boss was distraught to see me go, however she also knew I wanted to pursue our work. She even came to our graduation, plus was happy when I told him I had our Heating & A/C certification… During school, I had made many fastenions in the industry plus managed to land a job only a month after graduating. I’m happy to be working as a Heating plus A/C professional in the city, plus life is good.


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