Time to go Pay the Piper out in the Mediterranean Sea in a Few Minutes

Wow, today was a good test of my tolerance to cold air and water.

  • The air temp was about 45F and the skies were gray with no sun to be seen anywhere.

The sea temp was 63F, which felt very cold to me, yet still not as cold as we get in February when the sea dips down to about 52F. I think that is the coldest sea that I have swam in so far in my life. I guess I would have to go to a far north country to experience colder seas. Anyway, today is HVAC equipment writing day for me pretty much all day. I am behind on my writing work because I’ve been working on getting a flatmate for my place and have also been working at this local business selling smart thermostats. I am going to be taking a little road trip to the mountains in a few days if I can find someone to look after my cats while I am away. I will do my heating and cooling work while I am up there hanging out but I don’t know if we have any wifi. I can just work offline and save everything after I do the work. I want to go there because they have a fireplace in the flat and we can make some nice fires while hanging out and playing music. I think they even have a bonfire pit outside so maybe we can play music by the fire out there and roast some marshmallows. It should be a fun time there.


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