The smell of fuel was in the air.

I woke up this morning, and I could smell fuel in the house. The first thing I thought was that fuel was leaking from our gas tank, and I had to turn the furnace off before it caught fire. I walked outside, and the smell was just as bad. Now, I was wondering if I had fuel delivered and they spilled some fuel on the ground. I called the gas company and asked if they had delivered fuel to the house. They said no and asked what was going on. I told them about the smell of fuel. She told me to call the HVAC company. She thought there could be something wrong with the fuel nozzle, but I should turn on anything in the basement or in the house. She also suggested I leave in case there is a misfire and the furnace blows up. This made me feel even less safe. I went to my sister’s house and called the HVAC company. They were going to send an emergency team to the house and make it an emergency. An hour later, the HVAC company called me back. They had gone into the house and done an inspection of the house and the furnace. They found nothing wrong, but they detected the smell of gas in the house and outside. The HVAC technician wanted to call the gas company and have them check their natural gas lines in the area. He said this could be a widespread problem. If not for the HVAC technician, several people could have lost their homes, and possibly their lives.
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