The HVAC technician had a wooden leg?

He laughed and said my son wanted to play cowboy and he was the man making horseshoes

I was sure the HVAC technician was walking fine when he came into the house. He got out of the service van and nearly jogged to my door. When I opened the door, he was smiling and headed right down to the basement to check out my furnace. I knew my son was downstairs in the playroom, so I went to check on him. I yelled to him when I got into the basement, and I heard him call back from the furnace room. After telling him to get out of the furnace room and let the HVAC technician do his job, the tech told me he was fine. They were having a good chat. An hour later, the HVAC technicians came upstairs with my son in tow. I noticed the HVAC tech was limping and his knee looked stiff. He looked at my son and said, ‘I’ll be seeing you pardner.’, and sat down at the table. He showed me the work order and told me the furnace was good for another year. I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t mention his knee problem. I finally asked if he was hurt while in the basement. He laughed and said my son wanted to play cowboy and he was the man making horseshoes. He had to have a wooden leg, or he wouldn’t look like the guy from his dad’s favorite tv show, Gunsmoke..He had been walking stiff legged for almost an hour, and his knee was locked. The HVAC technician did some knee bends and walked out of the house.

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