Pet starts peeing in the air vents

I smelled the worst smell I had ever had in our house! It was as bad as when the dog tangled with a skunk, but strange.

I called the heating as well as A/C supplier as well as told them I needed to have our air duct cleaned before scrubbing our rugs as well as removing odors in our home, and the man at the heating as well as A/C supplier told myself and others he could not get anyone to the house that day, but he gave myself and others an appointment for the next day.

I was looking around the area, as well as our animal was acting kind of cagey. I thought there may be something totally wrong with her, so I was enjoying it, however his litter box hadn’t been used in quite some time, so I had to simply figure out why! She walked around the house, as well as I watched as he walked over to the air vent as well as squatted. The various smells in our house was our animal peeing in the air vents. That day, I witnessed him use many air vents as his litter box, as well as the smell getting stronger. I took our animal to the veterinarian as soon as the heating as well as A/C suppliers finished cleaning as well as sanitizing our air duct. They told myself and others our animal had a mental condition as well as once he found he could do this; he continued. I had to keep him inside an animal carrier that had a separate crate attached with a litter box inside. The heating as well as the A/C supplier did an attractive job, and our house smelled fresh again. The problem is that our animal is just littering the inside of the crate, as well as he still won’t use the litter box. His crate is now deep in the basement.


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