I was so worried the heating device was going to break

I had an embarrassing moment during dinner today.

I invited my friends as well as my boyfriend over for dinner.

We ended up getting take out, and spending time at my place. While we were in the middle of talking, suddenly, my furnace system started making a really weird noise. At first, everyone ignored it, but the noise became louder and more pronounced. And it was a really weird squeaky noise too. It somewhat sounded like squeezing a balloon when it makes the high pitched noise. People started giggling a bit and talking about it. I felt embarrassed, and it didn’t help that they talked about it for a good 10 minutes. I was so glad when they switched subjects. When everyone finally left, I immediately called for HVAC service. My next concern was that the HVAC device was going to break. It was during the cold brutal winter, and so the last thing that I needed was for it to break and get an expensive HVAC repair bill. I didn’t feel much better when the local heating businesses were mostly booked. I did manage to schedule an appointment, but it wasn’t until a week later. That entire week I was so afraid of the heating machine breaking down, thankfully it never did. When the A/C worker arrived to check the system and try and find a source for the sound, he never could find anything. He told me it was a mystery why it emitted that noise. But the good news was that my furnace was perfectly fine.

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