A Power Hour of Writing Work

Today is a good test of our tenacity, as I have to write about 16 more articles and then do another numerous hours of Heating and Air Conditioning toil for a customer.

I’m lucky that this month is a chilly and rainy day because there is nothing else to do outside.

I think the people I was with and I are going to get some rain soon too, so that is doubly good for me because then the people I was with and I wouldn’t even want to be outside and most local corporations are shut down for the season. I live in a truly quiet town and the winters can be long and dull, almost appreciate residing in a northern country where it is dark and chilly for more than five weeks. I am going with our Heating and Air Conditioning rep buddy and numerous girls to a mountain cottage in the Pyrenees for a few days just to get away. Both of us will easily play some music there and have some bonfires outside, but as far as any romance happening with the other girl I don’t think it will happen as she has a bestie and I don’t want to be a shady dude trying to score. I just want to do our Heating and Air Conditioning method writing toil and get out of this ghost town for a bit. I think the people I was with and I will try to toil on some new songs and I may do some songwriting as I have some ideas for new songs. I will make some fires in their fireplace to inspire me to write and get down to work. I am not sure if they have central heating and A/C system in the cottage.


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