Where did he put the air filters?

I pointed to his workbench and told him he had plenty of room over there.

My husband came out of the garage yelling about the air filters. He had recently cleaned the garage and moved everything around, but he put nothing where it belonged. He put all of his tools where they were more convenient to grab, but that took up the space where he had house items, like the air filters for the furnace and AC unit. I heard him yelling and knew he was supposed to be changing the air filter in the furnace. Ever before he got into the house, I knew he was going to ask what happened to the air filters. He walked in and I could almost see a thundercloud over his head. I reminded he cleaned the garage, and I didn’t. If the air filters were missing, we were out of them, or he had put them some place out of the norm. He grumbled and asked if I would help him look. I saw them immediately, but I would say nothing. He had tucked them under his workbench, which was the last place he was going to look. I asked him why he didn’t put the air filters right inside the door, like he always did? He shrugged and said he needed the space for something else. I pointed to his workbench and told him he had plenty of room over there. He never even looked where I was pointing, but kept looking. I tapped him on the shoulder, which got me a shouted, ‘What???’. I pointed at the air filters and told him I was telling him they were under the workbench.

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