I’ve got Friends in Low Places, too.

For the last several days, I have been hearing the song about having Friends in Low Places nearly everywhere I went.

I chuckled when I started listening to the words.

I almost agreed with them, but all of my friends didn’t go to the bar. The low places they ended up in was basements and furnace rooms. I belong to the illustrious order of HVAC technicians. The lowest we get is probably in the basement repairing a furnace. I’m not saying we never go to bars and relax, but most of my friend in low places are HVAC technicians and this time of year, we are busy working on a furnace. Last week, I was having a picnic in November in my basement. I invited all of our friends and their wives. As a joke, the guys wore their uniforms and brought their own beer glasses. After taking off their work shirts, we settled around the bar and had a good time. Before the end of the night, someone crept into the furnace room and we could hear him singing the song Friends in Low Places, all the way into the barroom. We got laughing so hard that we were all in tears. Before long, every HVAC technician in the room, and their wives were singing along with him. Some people think that being an HVAC technician isn’t a fun job, but they never met the guys in our HVAC company. We all enjoy our jobs and our friendship; especially when we’re enjoying our Friends in Low Places, which is what I’m going to name my barroom.

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