I was sure he had undercharged me, so I called the HVAC company.

The HVAC technician was at my house earlier this week, and I didn’t look at the bill until after he left.

I wanted to talk to him about what all he had to do to the furnace, but I had to go to work, and he had other customers.

I told him if I found anything wrong with the bill, I would call the HVAC company and have you call me back, or stop in during the day. I didn’t look at the bill until two days later, and I knew it was much lower than it should have been. He had installed a new ignition switch and the blower. He spent four hours working on the furnace and inspecting the entire ductwork system. His work alone was worth more than the service charges on the bill. When I told the receptionist why I was calling, she told me the HVAC technician would be back in the building in about twenty minutes. She took my number and said she would have him call when he got back. An hour later, I got a phone call. I told him I had found a problem with the bill. He had a copy of the bill in front of him and he went over the cost of the ignition switch and the blower, and said it was right. I asked why there were no service fees? He explained I had bought a maintenance and service plan. All I had to pay for was the parts needed to repair the furnace and the air conditioning.

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