I could see the light shining through my ductwork.

I was in the living room last week while the HVAC technician was inspecting the ductwork to my HVAC system.

I could hear him tapping the ductwork attached to the air vent in the living room, and then I saw a flashlight.

I couldn’t figure out how I was seeing the light from his flashlight when he was inspecting the ductwork from the outside. I headed into the basement to talk to the HVAC technician. He showed me where he had pointed the flashlight and how he could see holes all over. The more looking he did, the more holes and tears in the seams he found. I asked if the ductwork could be repaired and he told me about a spray in glue that was filled with fibers. As they sprayed in the glue, the fibers attached to the holes and welded themselves together. As long as the holes weren’t too big, and there weren’t too many, the ductwork cleaners could handle the problem. He worried that if I could see his flashlight light from the air vent; the holes were too big. I knew this meant I may need new ductwork, and I knew how expensive that could be. I asked if it would be all right if I got a second opinion. He told me he would do the same thing if he were me. Two weeks later, the ductwork cleaners were working on the ductwork. By the times they finished, I only had two small pieces of ductwork that needed replaced. I couldn’t have been happier.


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