He had a monkey on his back.

I stood outside last week and thought I was seeing things.

The HVAC technician got out of his service van, screaming.

I couldn’t figure out what he was yelling about until I got closer. He said someone had put a monkey in his service van, and he couldn’t get it off his back. The closer I got, the better I could see that the HVAC technician had a real monkey on his back. I wanted to call animal control until I realized it was little more than a baby. I told the HVAC technician to relax and sit down and I would be right back. I went into the house and grabbed a large, fluffy towel, and headed back out. As the HVAC technician relaxed, so did the monkey. He was holding on to the HVAC technician’s back, but his head was now resting on his shoulder as the HVAC technician breathed easier. I wrapped the towel around the monkey and slowly dislodged him from the HVAC technician. The monkey snuggled into his makeshift blanket and fell asleep. I had a feeling someone was playing a joke on the HVAC technician, or the monkey had escaped from its owner or the zoo. Either way, we had to find the owner of the monkey and the HVAC technician needed attendance because the poor baby monkey had bitten him twice and scratched him. I called the HVAC company and said I was taking the HVAC technician to the hospital, and although they laughed at what had to be funny to hear, the HVAC technician was in genuine pain.

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