All of the space heaters were supposed to be 30% off

There was a sale at the hardware store on Black Friday and I got up at 5:00 in the morning, so I could be there bright and early when the store opened.

All of the space heaters at the hardware store were supposed to be 30% off.

I had the flyer in my hand and I was going to look at a couple of different models that looked appealing. There was already a pretty big line of people when I arrived at 5:30. It was cold outside that morning and I was hoping there would not be a line because of the temperatures. Unfortunately, people were lined up everywhere to look at all of the sales inside of the store. Most people were attracted to the huge amount of sale bins that were right in front of the cash registers. I headed towards the back of the store where the heaters and other appliances are located. All of the space heaters were set up on the end cap and there were a couple at the end of the aisle. I looked for the space heater that was listed in the flyer. I could not locate the machine anywhere at all, so I grabbed a sales clerk as fast as I could. I showed the guy the flyer and he told me that the particular model I was looking at was no longer included in the Black Friday sale. I was so angry when I found out the news, because all of the space heaters were supposed to be 30% off that day.

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