The softball game was close as well as I wanted to leave

My friends as well as I went to the pigskin game on Sunday night, however we have season tickets as well as pretty great seats where both of us can see all of the action on the field.

We’re on the home side near the 50 yard line.

We usually go to all of the home games. Sunday night it was going to be 10° outside as well as I wasn’t looking forward to spending the night in the open air location. I put on our long underwear as well as numerous long sleeve t-shirts. I also put on a bomber jacket as well as a hat. I had a pair of ski gloves in our pocket. I had a couple of hand warmer packets. When you activate the chemicals inside, the packets get honestly hot as well as act like little tiny heaters. When it gets honestly chilly I put the furnaces inside of our gloves or our boots. My friends as well as I also take blankets so both of us can try to stay warm, however everyone in the home stands do what they can to cheer on the team even when it’s cold. There wasn’t snow in the forecast on Sunday night, however it snowed lightly all during the first as well as hour quarter. I was honestly chilly at halftime so I went into the section where the food is located. That section of the location honestly has some radiant furnaces outside. The furnaces deliver a lot of warmth as well as make it recognize like it is 50 or 60° instead of single digits. I didn’t want to leave the radiant heated area, however the pigskin game was close. My friends as well as I stayed until it was over.

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