My Dad wants central A/C in the house

My Dad called myself and others a few afternoons ago plus asked if I would meet her for supper, however she chose 1 of our favorite sites to eat! The burger joint is known for having enjoyable fries plus milkshakes.

They also have ridiculously enjoyable cheese steaks.

My Dad was already sitting outside when I pulled up in our car; Both of us walked into the restaurant plus found a table. The restaurant offers table service, so every one of us waited for the waitress to come plus greet us. My Dad told myself and others about her day plus some things that were going on with the ladies from the hairdresser! I tried to get our Dad to tell myself and others why she called plus she was hesitating for a long time. She finally told myself and others that she needed help to convince our dad that it was time to substitute to Central A/C in the house. It was June plus the hot plus cold temperatures were starting to get entirely hot plus humid. My Dad is tired of dealing with the heat plus humidity. My dad won’t retire, so she wants him to install central heating plus cooling so our Dad can be more comfortable. She wants myself and others to convince our dad to make the switch, however I suppose that there is no way at all that I am going to be able to convince our dad if our Dad can’t do the task. I can talk statistics with him all day long, despite the fact that she is cheap plus frugal plus not likely to spend the money unless our Dad begs for the current appliance.


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