The allergy symptoms seem to get worse as I get older

I do not entirely remember our allergy symptoms being so awful when I was a kid.

I remember going outside to play with our friends.

I am sure I was sneezing plus coughing, however our Dad never gave myself and others any medication. When I was a teenager, I had to go to the emergency room while every one of us were in an outdoor activity when I stopped breathing. The nurse proposed that I was having an allergic reaction to the pollen in the air. My Dad thought the nurse was deranged since I never had any other troubles with allergens or pollen. The nurse agreed to send myself and others to a specialist plus our Dad found a nurse in the state capital city. The nurse agreed with the nurse from our hometown. She thought that I was suffering from extreme flu symptoms as well plus proposed that there are times when flu symptoms do just suddenly become bothersome. It seems appreciate these allergy symptoms seem to get worse as I get older. I have noticed a scratchy soreness in the back of our throat a lot when there are Springtimetime flowers blooming. One thing that I did that entirely helps is by an air filtration method for our home. I have a small 1 family room loft plus it is only about a thoUSnd square feet. I obtained a portable air cleaning machine that is capable of cleaning 1200 ft of space. I changed the HEPA air filter more than one times throughout the month plus I cleaned all of the intake vents as well. I am legitimately feeling better these afternoons, however I suppose the symptoms are only getting worse the older I get.

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