The control unit kept increasing on its own for some reason

The control unit kept increasing on its own for some reason and so I blamed our partner, then usually he does not mess around with the settings on the control unit easily much, but this time I really thought that it was her.

She’s not easily picky when it comes to the temperature settings in the condo most of the time, and so he leaves it up to me to do all of that kind of thing.

I had our digital programmable control unit settings just where I wanted them. The heating levels were perfect and the air conditioner levels were perfect too. The control unit is a smart control unit, and so it was reading exactly the right levels to keep our condo at. So when the temperature settings started going up and down, it made me pretty mad. Nobody else lives with us, so I knew that it had to be our partner doing it because it really wasn’t me! When I asked his about it, he said that he had not touched the control unit unit at all. At that point, I felt that he was just lying to me. Every one of us ended up getting into a big fight about it, and usually all of us don’t fight at all. The whole thing was just dumb. But guess me, I had to do a whole lot of apologizing to his whenever all of us figured out that the problem was that the control unit’s batteries were low. I had no idea that it was time to change the batteries and the control unit. The only way that all of us ever realized it was even a problem was when the temperature settings kept going up and down.


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