Right now is the perfect time to go to the zoo

I think that right now is really the perfect time to go to the zoo because the weather outside is just right.

Usually it’s too hot or too cold around here.

We just don’t get very much mild or temperate weather in this part of the country where we live. We are known for the cold winters that we have here, and how the temperatures dip down below zero for weeks and sometimes even months at a time. It’s a hard place to live in if you do not like the cold temperatures, that is for sure! I usually don’t mind the cold weather all that much, but sometimes it gets really old. Last year, my snow blower broke down, and that was a big problem for me! This year, the weather is not supposed to be quite so bad in the winter, so I’m looking forward to a nice reasonably mild winter. It’s nearly impossible to go to the zoo during the winter because they don’t have a lot of exhibits that are inside with heating systems. They do have a few portable heating units that they put here and there throughout the zoo, but when you’re dealing with the cold the way that we have here, you can’t stay outside for very long at all. I know that the animals who came from cold weather climates, like the polar bears and penguins, really enjoy the cold weather that we have here. It probably feels just like home to them during the winter. I think I’ll go visit the zoo this week, though, before it gets any colder!

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