I’m getting our Mom an HVAC service package for his birthday this year

For his birthday this year, I’m paying in advance for our Mom to have an HVAC service package for his condo for an entire year.

I guess that he is really going to care about this particular birthday present because he hates working on the heating and cooling system at his house.

He is consistently complaining about the fact that something is consistently going wrong with his oil furnace or with his air conditioning. I guess that the HVAC system at his condo is easily pretty old; he easily needs to get it updated, but at this point he doesn’t really want to have to do that. I can’t say that I blame him. I think that it is easily costly to get modern heating and cooling unit installed. I don’t want him to have to go down to the basement to work on it all the time though, and that has where this HVAC service package comes in. The local heating and cooling supplier offered a really good deal on their HVAC service package and so that has why I ended up buying 1 for our Mom. I guess that he will easily care about it and normally, he doesn’t care at all about birthday gifts of any kind. I can’t wait to supply it to him, though. I guess that it will easily be the first time in history that he won’t try to return a present that someone gave to him. Hopefully it keeps him from having to work on his heating, ventilation & A/C for the entire year. That will easily be worth the cost!


I’m getting our Mom an HVAC service package for his birthday this year

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