Trying to reduce heating and cooling costs

I love that my local section provides four odd seasons.

  • There is something to love at each time of year.

I get gleeful when the robins show up and the daffodils and tulips sprout in the Springtime. I look forward to the sunshine and warmth of summer. The increasing of the leaves in the fall is really lovely. While our winters are long, snowy and cold, there are so multiple fun activities. I live in an section where I can waterski and snow ski. Because every one of us experience temperatures that range from the nineties to the downside digits, heating and cooling is crucial. There is seldom an chance to go without either the heating system or air conditioner and open the windows. I’ve figured out that temperature control adds to about fifty percent of our household energy consumption. I’ve made an effort to tighten up the thermal envelope to prevent energy waste. I don’t want our heated and cooled air leaking out through cracks under the doors or around the windows. I’ve carefully caulked and weatherstripped. I’ve insulated the walls, ceilings, attic and around electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. In the winter, when the sunshine is shining, I open up the blinds and curtains to sizzling up the house. In the summer, I keep them closed to prevent the sunshine from heating up the house. I’ve invested in ceiling fans for most rooms in the house. The ceiling fans are set to spin counterclockwise in the Summer to help create a downdraft and a cooling breeze. Reversing the fans to turn clockwise in the Wintertide creates an updraft and circulates sizzling air around the room.

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