Thankful for modern cooling system

Last summer, I started a big home improvement project.

I tore out the walls, floors and ceiling in the master bedroom, laundry room and master bathroom.

My plan was to replace the plumbing, adding electrical outlets, lay down porcelain tiles and put up new drywall. I wanted to install a new vanity, mirror, sink, shower and toilet. Being quite handy, I knew I could save money doing the work myself. Hanging drywall on the ceiling was extremely difficult. I needed to hold the sheet in place with one hand and maneuver the cordless drill with the other. I managed to tear my trapezius muscle, and the pain was excruciating. The upper left side of my back swelled. I was unable to walk, go up the stairs or even sit up. I was forced to lie flat on my back on the couch for three weeks. Simple tasks such as brushing my hair or rolling onto my side were impossible. Sleeping was especially difficult. I took pain killers, laid on ice packs and relied on my mother to take care of me. I was very appreciative of her help. I was also thankful for my modern heating and cooling system. Because the air conditioner includes zone control, it wasn’t necessary to cool the entire house while I was only occupying a single room. I could target temperature control to the living room and reduce wear and tear on the air conditioner and my utility bills. Plus, I had the ability to adjust temperature from an app on my smartphone. This eliminated the need for me to get up and struggle to walk to the thermostat. No matter how hot and humid it became outside, the living environment remained perfectly cool.


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