Importance of duct cleaning

Last winter, every time the furnace started up, my family members started sneezing or coughing.

My husband complained of headaches, and my kids were constantly congested and suffering sore throats.

I was having difficulty sleeping, and my eyes felt itchy. I noticed that the heating system seemed to run for longer periods of time and yet the house was a bit chilly. Turning up the thermostat didn’t accomplish much. I finally googled my various complaints with the furnace and got suspicious dirty ductwork was to blame. When I looked up the HVAC contractors in my local area, I discovered that very few offer professional duct cleaning. I then read reviews to make sure I chose a reputable contractor. I found one that has been in business for over twenty years, maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and stands behind their work with 100% satisfaction guarantee. The technician came to the house, tested the ductwork and confirmed a problematic buildup of debris. He found dust, dander, pollen, lint, dead rodents, bugs, webs and mold growth. Every time the furnace operated and sent heated air through the duct system, those harmful toxins were getting circulated throughout the house and breathed in by my family. Plus, the accumulation was restricting airflow and forcing the furnace to work harder and use more energy. I’m lucky the wear and tear on components didn’t cause a malfunction and necessitate an expensive repair. I’ve now learned that it’s a good idea to have the duct system inspected every few years. Along with dirty ducts, there is the potential for up to 30% of air to escape from leaks at the connections and holes.


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